Okay, ladies and gentlemen (and yes, even you, you coarse scallywag), it’s time. The Reds are going to the playoffs. For the Reds to be left out would be a collapse the likes of which baseball has never seen before (yes, I remember last year; this would be much,much worse). Over the next week and a bit, we’re going to periodically roll out a number of posts on the spots around which there are, or at least should be, some debate. Today, however, we’re going to tackle the spots we know will be covered. Before we get started, note that I’m assuming the Reds will go with 11 pitchers and 14 position players as they did in 2010. If they go 12 and 13, the picture changes a little.

Sure thing position players:

C – Ryan Hanigan
1B – Joey Votto
2B – Brandon Phillips
3B – Scott Rolen
SS – Zack Cozart
LF – Ryan Ludwick
CF – Drew Stubbs
RF – Jay Bruce
OF – Chris Heisey
UT – Todd Frazier

A few caveats here: If he decided to strikeout in every at bat between now and October, I suppose it’s conceivable Stubbs could be left off the roster, but I’m not betting on it. Additionally, if Rolen’s back locks up at the wrong time, the Reds would have to take him off the roster for at least a series given that he typically takes about a week (then length of a series) to recover from those bouts.

Sure thing pitchers:

SP1 – Johnny Cueto
SP2 – Mat Latos
SP3 – Bronson Arroyo

CL – Aroldis Chapman
RP – Jonathan Broxton
RP – Sean Marshall
RP – Alfredo Simon
RP – Jose Arredondo

I still can’t believe how good Simon has been. We were all ready to mutiny when he was brought in, and things certainly started poorly, but he’s been great for most of the season.

As things stand right now, 18 of 25 roster spots are spoken for. Yes, some others are also probably pretty well determined, but we’ll have some debates and discussions anyway, just for fun. By my count, we’ll still need to fill four bench spots, one starting pitcher spot, and two relief pitchers spots.