Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 0
Miami 4

W: J. Turner (1-2)
L: B. Arroyo (12-8)

–Not many positives to speak about. There’s one, however:

A single loss in Miami makes no difference at this point. The Reds have put themselves in a good position, where we don’t have to stress over every single pitch. Until October, of course.

–Bad Bronson Arroyo showed up tonight. He allowed four runs on nine hits in six innings.

–The Reds official Twitter account — in their ongoing campaign to divide the fan base — once again tweeted out the lineup using the #dustylineup hashtag. Y’know, because you aren’t a real fan if you don’t blindly eat whatever they try to force down your throat. Well, that #dustylineup had two hits (pinch-hitter Xavier Paul had the third).

Perhaps we shouldn’t be trying to divide the fan base into two camps? Aren’t we all just Reds fans, whether we agree with every single decision made by the club, or not?

I will readily concede that I’m not smart enough, but I just don’t understand this PR/marketing strategy. It’s beyond me.

–Reds go on the road without the Wooooo, and they immediately lose. I don’t like this pattern.

–Oh well, Reds lose. It happens. The good guys will get ’em tomorrow.

–At least until we see whether the Cardinals lose tonight, the magic number remains: