Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

Philadelphia 1
Cincinnati 2

W: M. Latos (12-4)
L: K. Kendrick (8-10)
S: A. Chapman (35)

–Another very strong outing by Mat Latos. He struggled with his command for a while in the fourth inning, but overall he pitched seven innings, allowing one run on four hits. Latos’ ERA is down to 3.69.

–Jay Bruce continues to mash the baseball. Tonight, Bruce was 2-3 with a walk and the two-run homer that gave the Reds the winning margin. That’s the third straight game in which Bruce has homered. He’s good.

–Jonathan Broxton and Aroldis Chapman were good out of the pen. What about Broxton, by the way? He’s been very good lately.

–Ryan Hanigan was 2-3.

–The offense was pretty bad again. That will happen on occasion when your top two hitters in the order have OBPs of .287 (Drew Stubbs) and .221 (Wilson Valdez).

–Let’s not harp on it too much, but there really is no reason Wilson Valdez (.196/.221/.216) should be hitting second in a major league lineup. It’s just willfully ignorant to put him in that spot.

–Fun win, Cincinnati’s 83rd victory of the season.

–Don’t look now, but Jay Bruce is hitting .261/.339/.539 with 31 homers and 91 RBI. Not bad at all.

–Tonight, the Reds topped 2 million in attendance for the season.

Dusty Baker’s fly was open.

–Are you prepared to say we were right here at RN to encourage everyone to calm down about Latos after his terrible April?

–It’s just TC:

–Reds Magic Number:

Source: FanGraphs