Our friend Joe Posnanski has some thoughts about baseball blogs, spurred by the passing of one of the best in the baseball blogging community, Mac Thomason of Braves Journal.

Posnanski hits the nail on the head here:

You know what I think is an adventure now? Baseball blogs. Every team’s fans have them, of course, there are hundreds and hundreds of them out there, lurking in between error pages, waiting to be found in the midst of the spam and the politics and the family photos and the naked pictures. The blogs are all passionate, every one of them, because who else but a passionate fan would start a baseball blog? But passion is where the similarities end. Some are hopeful and some are angry, some are vicious and some are playful, some are shrewd and some get every detail wrong. Some are astonishingly well-written and some use a lot of exclamation points so that you get the point!!!

But the real difference between them is the commitment. Few last.

Go read the entire post. It made me consider the reason we write our dumb little blog, and why we have stuck with it every single day for the last eight seasons. I’m not sure I have an articulate answer for that, but Posnanski is right about one thing: all of us here are passionate about the Cincinnati Reds.

I don’t know how much longer RN will be around, but it has certainly been a fun ride.