Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

St. Louis 2
Cincinnati 8

W: M. Leake (6-8)
L: J.Garcia (3-5)

–Mike Leake had a very nice bounce back start after getting knocked around last time out. Good to see. He certainly danced around trouble all afternoon, but the numbers were good at the end.

–Excellent game from the middle of the order. Brandon Phillips was a triple short of the cycle. Ryan Ludwick had three hits. Jay Bruce homered and walked. Scott Rolen had a hit and walked twice.

–For a pitcher, Mike Leake can really hit.

–J.J. Hoover did his best Aroldis Chapman impersonation and struck out the side in the ninth.

–A Really well played game all around by the Redlegs. It was very enjoyable to watch.

–Drew Stubbs, I guess. He struck out four times, but did manage a single.

–Did the Fox camera really have to linger on Stubbs after that fourth K? I mean, his expression obviously said something like, “I wish I wasn’t sucking so much right now. I feel terrible,” and we had to watch it for what felt like half an hour. It was, perhaps, a good reminder that ballplayers are human. Still, yeesh. Cut the kid some slack.

–I really, really, really enjoy watching Zack Cozart and Brandon Phillips play together. I am totally fine with that double play combination for the next five years or so.

–I love Barry Larkin. It was great to see him on the field, even if he wasn’t in uniform. A very classy retirement ceremony from the Reds. Very nicely done.

–Just like that, it’s a seven game lead again. I know it’s theoretically possible, but the idea that the Cardinals can make up 7 games with only 34 left to play, is pretty far-fetched.