Since all is well in Redsland these days, how about a little thought exercise about the future. JoeyMVP’s return to the lineup, say around September 1, will present Reds’ manager Dusty Baker with a difficult playing time dilemma. With Votto playing first base every day, two line-up spots (left field and third base) remain for three players: Scott “Fountain of Youth” Rolen, Ryan Ludwhack and Super Todd Frazier.

For this hypothetical exercise, assume Rolen, Ludwick and Frazier will only play those two positions — no cheating by the Bruce haters and moving Ludwick to RF. And further assume that all three stay healthy for the remainder of the season. In September, the Reds play six games per week, thanks to days off.

Here’s the question, Nation: How many times would you play those three players each week?

Some stats to help you decide. First, slash lines for all of 2012 (batting average/on base percentage/slugging percentage):

  • Frazier .286/.343/.541
  • Rolen .245/.323/.410
  • Ludwick .268/.335/.552

Seems easy, right? Not so fast. Here are the numbers in the month since the All Star break:

  • Frazier .300/.339/.518
  • Rolen .366/.459/.606
  • Ludwick .324/.383/.695

Frame your opinion on playing time with the number of games adding up to twelve (two positions times six games/week) in parentheses, like this:

Frazier (4), Rolen (4), Ludwick (4)

Since Dusty loves advice about the lineup, maybe he’ll take a look at this comments section for some insight.