Our friend Chris Jaffe notes several items that occurred on this day in Reds history. First:

Ten years ago today, it was not a fun day to be Jason LaRue. For at least one inning, it was a flatly miserable time to be Cincinnati backstop Jason LaRue.

On Aug. 14, 2002, the first inning of the Reds-Diamondbacks game was the kind of thing that gives catchers nightmares.

Pitching for the Reds that day was young Jared Fernandez. That’s a name that should make the blood run cold for any backstop. It’s not that Fernandez was mean or cruel or evil. No, Fernandez was something much worse—a knuckleball pitcher.

Read the entire piece. There are a lot of Pete Rose-related anniversaries today (and every day, probably): the last hit in Rose’s big league career, the time a 42-year-old Rose stole 2 bases in one game, Rose becoming the all time plate appearances champion. Sheesh.