Let’s recap today’s titanic struggle….

Pittsburgh 6
Cincinnati 2

W: A.J. Burnett (14-3)
L: H. Bailey (9-7)
S: J. Hanrahan (32)

–The Reds lost today, but they won 2 out of 3 in the series and sit 4.5 games ahead of the Pirates. They did it without Joey Votto or Brandon Phillips.

–Alfredo Simon was excellent. After the rough reception we all gave him, you really have to take your hat off the results he’s gotten this season.

–Jay Bruce and Drew Stubbs each reached base twice.

–Homer wasn’t exactly on fire today.

–Logan Ondrusek is not very good. He has been very lucky. That seems to be changing.

–Only 3 hits today.

–Meh. This was not a thrilling game. The Reds didn’t play well. The Pirates did. But if the Pirates need A.J. Burnett to beat the Reds when the Reds are missing their two best players, well, I guess I can live with that.

–Now that the Pirates have been dispensed with, the Reds get to play the next 22 games against teams with losing records. 8 of their next 14 are against the Stupid Cubs. They don’t play a winning team again until the Cardinals on August 24-26.

–The Reds have help up well in his absence, but I am ready for the return of Joey Votto. I don’t know about you.