The Reds have cycled through their pitching rotation twenty times. Four of the five starters still haven’t missed a turn. Mike Leake was skipped once early in the season. The table below shows how the Reds’ rotation has performed (a) relative to the National League average, (b) in relation to each other, and (c) how they have pitched recently. The numbers in parentheses indicate performance as of the All Star break, the last time this Take Five summary was posted.

[table id=34 /]

Comments: No big surprises.

1. The Reds starters have been outstanding the past three weeks, with an 11-2 record. Their collective ERA is now substantially lower and their advanced measures are about the same as the league average. That’s due primarily to lagging strikeout rates. Latos and Bailey are above average in swinging strikes, but overall the staff is below league average in that precursor stat.

2. Homer Bailey, has pitched very well recently. He’s achieved major improvements in innings per start, ERA and the advanced stats as well. A blown save cost him his 10th win this week.

3. The advanced stats are finally starting to like Johnny Cueto, due primarily to his surging strikeout rate.

4. If you’re starting to look ahead (and it’s tempting) the numbers don’t give clear guidance for a playoff rotation, other than Cueto pitching the first game.