Cincinnati  3
Colorado  0
W:  B. Arroyo (6-6)
L:  D. Pomeranz (1-6)
S:  A. Chapman (20)



Love me some Bronson Arroyo.  The guy is just a bulldog.  His strikeout of Rutledge with the tying run in scoring position was wily veteran-type stuff.  Ryan Ludwick just keeps on keepin on.  2 for 3 with a walk, 2 runs scored and an RBI.  Two more hits for Scott Rolen, who keeps stepping up in the absence of JoeyMVP.  That’s what leaders do, yeah?

The Man With the Golden Arm does what The Man With the Golden Arm does:  Get.  People.  Out.


The Jay Bruce Disappearing Act tonight.


The 1-2 spots in the lineup go 1 for 10.  Not a single walk.  At what point does Walt step in and just tell his manager to get somebody up there who can get on base at the top of the order.  Good grief.


The Reds are now 9-2 in Joey’s absence.  I don’t know about you, but if Howie Mandel had offered me a .500 record to just walk away and fast forward until Votto’s return, I probably say “Deal.”  😆

Boy, that Dexter Fowler would look good patrolling CF in Great American Ballpark.

Every night, it’s another guy stepping up.   59 Wins.  Only the #$%&# Yankees have more (60).  Maybe an extra scoop of UDF for Mr. Brantley tonight?  Ya think?

Oh, yeah.  Adam Ottavino, who relieved tonight for the Rockies, once played for the Brooklyn little league where I once coached my son.  How cool is that?


Source:  FanGraphs