Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

Arizona 6
Cincinnati 7

W: A. Simon (2-1)
L: B. Shaw (1-4)
S: A. Chapman (15)

–Wooooo! Yeeeehaw!!! (Imagine Jeff Brantley dancing around like a small child and you’ll have the image right.)

–Brandon Phillips. Individual players don’t win baseball games, but he came about as close to doing it as a single player can.

–The one and two hitters reached base 4 times today, thus allowing BP to be Superman.

–Speaking of reaching base. The Reds had more runs than hits today. This positive brought to you by the base on balls as offensive weapon.

–The bullpen. What do you say?

–Aroldis Chapman. I tweeted about this the other day, but he is striking people out an an absolutely unprecedented rate. Among pitchers who have thrown at least 10 innings (yes, 10), only Craig Kimbrel in 2010 has a higher K-rate, and that was in just 20 2/3 innings. I don’t understand how someone can be this good.

–Mike Leake, that was a rough day. Everybody has them, though, and the Reds won, so we’ll let it go.

–A series split with no Votto. I’ll take it. If the Reds can keep doing this, they’ll be okay.

–The Cardinals have the day off and are now 5 games back. Pirates are also off and now 1/2 a game back. This baseball, it is fun.

–Seriously, the Cardinals are 5 games back on July 19th. I know we have to take the Pirates seriously, especially with the easy schedule they have, but I mean, that has to make you feel good, right? Even with Votto hurt. It’s pretty sunny in Reds land right now.