Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

Arizona 5
Cincinnati 3

W: W. Miley (10-5)
L: B. Arroyo (4-6)
S: J. Putz (17)

–Brandon Phillips had two hits, including a double, and an RBI. Drew Stubbs moved into the leadoff spot and reached base three times, plus he drove in two runs. Chris Heisey had two hits and scored a run.

–After Bronson Arroyo’s poor start, Alfredo Simon came in and shut the door for three innings. Nice relieve work. Jose Arredondo also pitched an excellent inning out of the bullpen.

–Bronson Arroyo put the Reds in a hole early, surrendering four runs in the first inning. In all, Arroyo lasted just three innings, allowing five runs on eight hits and a walk in three innings.

–Bill Bray pitched the worst scoreless inning in the history of baseball (more on that later), but what irritated me most was the nonchalant way he trotted to cover home after throwing a wild pitch. Bray got VERY lucky not to have been bitten in the butt by his lack of effort/attention.

–Six game winning streak snapped, but JOEY VOTTO IS HURT! PANIC!

–As you may have heard, Joey Votto has a tear in his meniscus, and he’ll have surgery tomorrow. Votto is expected to be out 3-4 weeks. Panic!

–No, don’t panic. But it is funny to me that Todd Frazier is now expected to fill in for the best hitter on the planet, when he wasn’t even good enough to make the Opening Day roster over Willie Harris or Wilson Valdez three months ago.

–More on Bray:


–Someone explain this to me:


I don’t get it. If you have a quarter-billion dollar investment, a guy who is the cornerstone of your offense and your playoff hopes…why wouldn’t you go ahead and get an MRI instead of waiting for him to ask for it?

As I always say, the Reds have more information than me, and I’m happy to believe that the guys in charge are smarter than me. But I just don’t understand this.

–There’s some talk that Henry Rodriguez may get called up, but I’m looking forward to seeing the world-wide Reds Fan meltdown if Willie Harris is called up to take Joey Votto’s roster spot.

–Miguel Cairo was ejected in the seventh inning after arguing a fair/foul call.

–Yep, this is what we’re going to find out:


–Seriously, guys and gals, don’t panic. Reds will miss Votto, but if he’s only out three weeks, the Reds can manage in the meantime. This isn’t a good situation, but it isn’t the end of the world.