Check out this column from Michael Arace of the Columbus Dispatch…

Some of his comments, I don’t know what he’s talking about…

Yet the real driving force behind the fans’ subtle attitudinal adjustment is the sense that Dusty has their back. He has made that much clear by his outspoken defense of his team’s honor in the midst of two recent controversies.

What the ….?

He cites Dusty telling Mat Latos to send some chin music Derek Lowe’s way and says it was in retaliation of Lowe hitting Joey Votto in ’09. (Did I miss this at the time? I thought it had to do with personal bad blood between Lowe and Baker, but regardless…) and Baker’s recent dust-up with Tony LaRussa over the All-Star game snubs.

I’m unclear how this is having the fan’s “back”?

I see it as Dusty having his player’s back, which is generally a good thing, though he does it so often and so regardless of circumstances that it doesn’t really mean anything.

Anyone else believe Dusty’s popularity is rising with “Joe Sixpack Fan”?