Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 2
San Francisco 1

W: M. Latos (7-2)
L: B. Zito (6-6)

–Mat Latos just threw his second consecutive complete game while allowing only one run. That, kids, is good. We’ve all been waiting for this version of Latos to show up. Hopefully, he keeps at it.

–This was also, apparently, the first time the Reds have had back-to-back complete games since 2006.

–Zack Cozart had a couple of hits, but otherwise the offense was pretty rough today. You’d like to see them score more when Zito is giving away free passes like he’s got a Bronson Arroyo concert to fill (sorry Bronson).

–That said, the team did take walks today. There wasn’t a lot of hacking going on, and that’s nice to see from a team with an OBP issue.

–Joey Votto left the game because his knee was swollen. All we know so far is that it was “precautionary,” which, as far as I can tell means, “we don’t really know what’s up, but hope it’s nothing.” Let us all hold our breath until we hear more. Needless to say, this team is not nearly as good without JV in the lineup.

–Boy, that was a nicely played game. Two in a row, too. If it weren’t for the Votto injury cloud hanging over things, I’d be elated right now. The best you hope for playing a good team at home in a four game series is a split. the Reds have that now and will go for the series win tomorrow. It’s Arroyo vs. Vogelsong, who seems to have a deal with the devil this year.

–The Pirates put a hurting on the Cardinals again today. I have to say, if this were to become a two-team race, I would absolutely love it if it were Reds-Pirates. I think the Cardinals need a little humble pie and Pittsburgh could certainly use an exciting year (just not too exciting, we’ll still be wanting that division title, Buccos).

–Everybody cross your fingers that Votto is in the lineup tomorrow.