Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

Milwaukee 8
Cincinnati 4

W: Z. Greinke (9-2)
L: H. Bailey (5-6)

–Ryan Ludwick had two home runs. If he keeps this up, I’m going to have to admit that I was wrong about his abilities as a baseball player.

–Joey Votto was only one for three today, but he was just a few feet away from 2-4 with a homer. It looked to me like he’s snapping out of the slump he’s been in.

–Aside from Arredondo, the bullpen was good. The bullpen is almost always good. It’s nice.

–Homer was off today. I guess we can’t expect a dominating performance by the starter every day.

–Boy, Arredondo could not find the plate to save his life.

–A couple of fielding mistakes by day. Two by Votto.

–Maybe it’s just that I was listening to this came while sitting in the back yard, watching my daughter romp around in a kiddie pool, but this loss didn’t sting me that badly. The Reds won the series. A lot didn’t go right today. Every team has these days.

–The Reds start a long West Coast road trip to take them to the break tomorrow. It will include seven games against the Dodgers and Giants. Those are some decent ballclubs. It’s the last really tough stretch of the year for the Reds and if they’re in first place at the end of it, they might be tough to catch.