From today’s Enquirer:

“Everybody preaches on base percentage, which is great,” Baker said. “But I was talking to (Detroit manager) Jim Leyland about this the other day. You’ve got to have someone to drive them in. The name of the game is touch home plate the most.”

It makes me absolutely insane that he just refuses to understand that the highest correlation for scoring runs is having a high OBP. But if Jim Leyland said it…well, that’s that.

Then he says:

“Ludwick has been very productive at driving in runs,” Baker said. “Which had been one of our downfalls this year, especially RBIs with two outs.”

Except, as Fay points out, “Ludwick (.167) and Frazier (.176) have similar batting averages with runners in scoring position and two outs. Heisey’s been the best of the bunch (.259).”

Moral of the Story: Dusty makes my head hurt.