Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

Minnesota 5
Cincinnati 4

W: N. Blackburn (4-4)
L: H. Bailey (5-5)
S: G. Perkins (2)

–Scott Rolen was 3-4 with a two-run homer. Rolen’s batting average is almost over .200!

–Chris Heisey had two hits, including a two-run homer and a double.

–Sam LeCure pitched two of the best innings he’s pitched all year.

–Everything else. Homer Bailey wasn’t good, even though he was just a hair away from escaping with two earned runs in six innings. He wasn’t sharp all day, though. Disappointing outing.

–Bill Bray made his return from the DL, and he was just as ineffective as he was before the DL. He walked in a run to the first batter he faced, then gave up another run on a fly ball to the next hitter. Bray’s ERA dropped to an even 12.00 though!

–After winning six games in a row, the Reds have now lost four in a row. Hey, they’re still in first place! (For now…)

–Joey Votto only got on base one time. What’s that all about?

–Fun with actual facts!


Heh. Not Rolen’s fault, friends and neighbors. Just a coincidence.

–Can anyone explain this?


–Really scary moment in the fourth inning tonight:

Plate umpire Jerry Layne left in the fourth after the barrel of a broken bat hit him on the left side of the head. The 23-year veteran fell on his back, got to his feet with help and went for tests at a hospital that came back normal.

Mesoraco swung, and the bat cracked and struck Layne directly on the temple. Layne went down like a sack of potatoes (as they say in my hometown). It was a terrifying scene for a few minutes. Sounds like he’s going to be okay, however. Let’s hope.

–Bailey was seriously angry with Dusty Baker when our intrepid manager came to the mound to take Homer out of the game. We can argue over whether Dusty put in the correct reliever, but he was right to get Bailey out of the game at that point.

–Another one-run loss. Yes, it’s frustrating. Let’s not panic just yet, though…okay?