It’s an off-day, so it’s time for some more not-so-random thoughts. I’ve had some things on my mind. Here are a few of them…

–It’s Marty and Joe, in the strangest photo you are likely to see today.

–I’m the least-artistic person you’ve ever met. Hence, I’m astounded by stuff like this street art.

Some of these are hilarious, some are merely humorous, some are NSFW. Enjoy.

The MST3K bots, in LEGO. Yes, sometimes I’m a geek.

–I didn’t like Kyrie Irving much when he came into the NBA, he being a Dukie and all that. After this stunt, however, you gotta love Irving. He dressed up as an old guy and went to play a pickup game. Fantastic.

–I know you guys hate when I talk about soccer in these NSRT posts, but I’m still mesmerized by that sport. It’s second only to baseball in my personal inventory, and that amazes me. I spent my whole life watching football and basketball, and in just three years of fandom, soccer has surpassed both of them.

Such passion. Here are a couple of links to introduce you to my obsession:

Reconstructing the most exciting day in the history of football.
Irish soccer fans sing their team off the pitch after a crushing loss in the Euro ’12 tourney.

Baseball remains king, however. Rest assured.

–I have been watching the NBA playoffs, and I’m pulling pretty hard for LeBron and the Heat (mostly because I’m sick of the irrational hatred for James; of course, if you are a Cleveland fan, the hate is rational).

Anyway, here is my favorite thing to emerge from the NBA Finals:

Did you see this catch?

Vintage Mugshots from the 1920s. Number 11 is my personal favorite.

–And finally…sometimes the newspaper editor should probably reassess where to run certain advertisements: