While you’re killing time waiting for the Lowe/Baker Apocalypse Round VII, here is a simple, multiple choice question for the Nation.

Over the past month, who has led the Reds’ regular players in walk-rate?

A. Joey Votto

B. Drew Stubbs

C. Ryan Hanigan

D. Super Todd Frazier

Before I looked up the actual data, I not only would have missed this question, I’d have missed it if you gave me three choices. I might have missed it four times because I’d have probably guessed Votto a second time before believing the correct answer.

Your Reds’ walk-rate leader over the past thirty days: Andrew Robert Stubbs.

Here are the walk-rates for the Reds’ regular players from the past month and for the entire 2012 season. Keep in mind that numbers for the past month are based on fairly small sample sizes and therefore have less predictive value. They do accurately describe, of course, what has gone on.

[table id=101 /]


1. A couple of the Reds have shown dramatic improvement in their walk-rates. Who would have guessed that Drew Stubbs led the team in walk-rate over the past month? Jay Bruce has experienced a handsome uptick. Both halves of the catching tandem continue to excel, partly aided by the fact that Hank Aaron thinks the catcher has to bat eighth. And, of course, there’s Joey MVP Votto.

2. The club still has too many regulars with terrible walk-rates. Phillips and Ludwick are veterans who are likely set in their ways. Zack Cozart has an extremely poor walk-rate for someone installed as the team’s lead-off hitter. Maybe he could develop his plate discipline batting seventh or eighth.

3. As low as our rookie shortstop’s walk-rate is, Chris Heisey’s is half of that. Walking a jaw-dropping two percent of your at-bats should disqualify you from starting everyday and certainly from being anywhere near the top of the order.

As if it were a mathematical law or something, low walk-rates play out in a low OBP (Cozart .308, Heisey .311).

Not exactly what you want in front of Joey MVP.