Periodically, I have questions about the Reds that just seem to “bubble up” out of the back of my mind….these occurred to me today:

Why the Reds front office continually decide to play short-handed for 7-10 days, rather than DL someone for 15?

I understand there isn’t much help at Louisville this year (and even less with Janish and Valaika hurt right now). But historically, this hasn’t been the case. Is there anyone that believes that Joey Gathright or Nefi Soto wouldn’t help this team more than Costanzo or Negron?

Why the Reds waste a 40 man spot on someone like Mike Costanzo or Kristopher Negron?

I don’t mean to beat up on these two guys. I’m sure they’re nice guys doing their absolute best, but its apparent that they’re completely overmatched on a major league field. I guess its a testament to timing (when guys have to be added to the 40 man) and the shallowness of the talent pool in the top of the minor league organization.

Why there has been no discussion (at least in the media) as to whether Scott Rolen should be the Reds starting third baseman when he comes off the DL?

I know it’s been talked about to death here, but I simply don’t understand it. IMO, this should be like 1988, when Chris Sabo took the spot from Bill Doran when he was hurt.

What else can Todd Frazier do? Do you believe the Reds are a better team with Rolen at 3B and Frazier in LF or with Frazier at 3B and some combination of Ludwick/Heisey/Stubbs in LF/CF?

Why the media has not questioned the weakness and makeup of the Reds bench and the front office’s inability or unwillingness to address it for 2 seasons?

The fact that Jocketty has gotten a complete pass on this for at least 2 years is mind-boggling to me.

Why last night was the first time I have heard ANYONE in the media question whether Aroldis Chapman is becoming less effective and why? (Thank you Thom Brennaman).

He’s regressing from where he was earlier this season. He’s throwing 99% fastballs and eventually that won’t work (as has been seen the last few days). But then you have the Reds manager saying that’s okay. I’m not saying this because he’s gotten hit lately, I’m saying this because I think we got a peek at the kind of pitcher he COULD be, but may never be if the Reds continue to screw up his development. I’m hoping that the activation of Bray and, hopefully soon, Masset, will lead to a re-alignment of the Reds bullpen and that we can use Chapman where he’s most effective.