The point of this post is not what will happen. The point of this post is simply that, to this point in the season, Joey Votto has been awesome. In fact, he has been historically awesome thus far. Let’s all hope he keeps it up. Frankly, I don’t know what’s going to stop him. It’s an off-day and the Reds are in first, let’s have some fun.

I will now make a series of statements. They are all true.

Joey Votto is batting .346. If that holds, it would be the seventh-highest average ever by a Red, and the highest average since Pete Rose hit .348 in 1969. That was 43 years ago.

His OBP is .476. That would be the best total ever for a Red.

His SLG is .620. That would place him fourth all time. The names ahead of him would be: Kluszewski, Foster, and Robinson

His OPS of 1.096 would be tops ever. By almost 50 points.

His wRC+ of 191 (basically, he is 91% better than the average hitter this year) would be second all time. Behind Joe Morgan in 1976.

He currently has 3.3 WAR. If he did not play another game this year, he would already have generated enough value, according to fangraphs calculations, to earn his salary for the year.

He is on pace for 10.3 WAR (fangraphs version). That would be the second most ever by a Red. Just behind, you guessed it, Joe Morgan in 1976.

Joey Votto is not just the best player on the Reds. He’s the best first baseman in baseball. He may very well be the best player in baseball. And he might be having the second best season any Red has ever had. If he maintains his current level of play (or something close to it) for four or five years, he will go into the Hall of Fame. He is that good.

Happy off-day to you all.