Three questions to discuss to pass the time before tonight’s game:

1. Chris Heisey seems to have won the starting LF job, for now. He’s played CF and RF occasionally to give Drew Stubbs and Jay Bruce a break. Ryan Ludwick started the game after his 3-RBI performance against the Yankees. But, other than those exceptions, Heisey has been the Reds’ LF the past two weeks. Yet, he is still looking for his first home run and his BB% really hurts his overall OBP.  Question: Should Chris Heisey be the everyday LF?

  • Heisey: .266/.304/.358
  • Ludwick: .204/.284/.378

2. Since Scott Rolen landed on the DL, Todd Frazier has basically been the Reds 3B. He has outperformed Rolen substantially.

  • Frazier: .271/.320/.571
  • Rolen: .174/.238/.304

I think most of us would like to see Frazier continue to get the majority of playing time at 3B, even if Rolen comes back healthy. But, Dusty Baker may decide to start Scott Rolen at 3B for more than defensive replacement situations. Question: Assuming that Rolen returns and starts 5 days a week at 3B, should Todd Frazier get significant playing time in LF ahead of Chris Heisey and Ryan Ludwick?

3. Devin Mesoraco’s dramatic grand slam locked up the series sweep against the Atlanta Braves. Dusty Baker has been extremely consistent thus far in using Mesoraco 40% of the time (Bailey, Leake) and Hanigan 60%. That playing time for Mesoraco will increase eventually seems clear. But Hanigan has been outperforming Mesoraco at the plate for now. Question: Should the 40/60 pattern continue – let’s say – to the All-Star break in July?

  • Mesoraco: .213/.310/.344
  • Hanigan: .308/.376/.385