The Reds have played 39 games (20-19) and cycled through the starting rotation eight times. Each pitcher has started eight games, with the exception of Mike Leake who was skipped once. Leake now pitches second in the rotation, after Johnny Cueto. These numbers give an indication of where the Reds’ rotation falls relative to the National League average and also each other.

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1. The Reds starters have pitched well, but so has the rest of the league. The rotation as a whole is below average.

2. Bronson Arroyo hasn’t been walking anyone. His K/BB is elite.

3. Mat Latos is pitching too few innings per start.

4. Each Reds starter is below league average in GB%, which isn’t a good match to their home ballpark.

5. A semi-dominating Aroldis Chapman would make a notable difference in the rotation.