Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 2
Pittsburgh 3

W: J. McDonald (2-1)
L: M. Leake (0-4)
S: J. Hanrahan (5)

–Mike Leake looked a bit more like the Leake we expected to see this season. He went 7 innings, giving up three runs on four hits. He wasn’t particularly sharp, surrendering four walks and two homers, but he was good enough to win. You know, if the Reds had been able to hit the ball a little bit.

–Joey Votto reached three times, with a double, a single, and a walk.

–Someone explain to me why Aroldis Chapman wasn’t even warming up in the 8th inning. Jose Arredondo loaded up the bases with the Reds down 3-2. With the Pirates on the verge of blowing the game wide open, Dusty Baker had … wait for it … Sam LeCure warming up in the bullpen. I like LeCure (and, heck, Arredondo has been pretty good this year), but c’mon….

But hey, Dusty was just managing by the book:


I think I’m going to pull my hair out. Thank goodness Clint Barmes swung at ball four and bailed out Arredondo.

–Scott Rolen and Ryan Ludwick are hitting .188 and .185, respectively. The ex-Cardinals are doing more damage to the Reds than the current Cardinals are.

–Remember how much fun last night’s game was? Well, tonight was excruciating.

–Dusty’s bullpen usage continues to confound me.


–The Reds just don’t want to get over the .500 mark, do they? Once again, with a chance to inch into positive territory, the Reds laid a stinker. Oh well, let’s get back to even tomorrow.

–Help us, Mat Latos. You’re our only hope.

Milton thinks something stinks around here.