It’s an off-day, so it’s time for some more not-so-random thoughts. I’ve had some things on my mind. Here are a few of them…

–I present to you: the greatest site in the history of the interwebs. (Turn your volume down if you are at work.)

–Speaking of Parks & Rec…well, it’s the best comedy on television. As such, I love this. And this.

–Since we’re on the subject, I watch very little contemporary television, but there are a few programs I enjoy. Parks & Rec, obviously. I’m still loyal to 30 Rock, though the quality has declined. Mad Men: the best. Game of Thrones: outstanding. That pretty much covers it; what are you guys watching? (Cue all the comments telling me how great Community is.)

Jumbotron Art!

–Hey, what are you guys reading? I’m always looking for something good. It has been a while since I read something that blew me away. I’m counting on you guys recommending something great.

–Concerts I plan to see this summer: Wilco, Dave Matthews Band, Phish (plus more, at Bonnaroo). Maybe The Hold Steady again, though they haven’t scheduled any convenient dates yet. I was hoping to see Grace Potter and the Nocturnals this year, but they are touring with some country music acts for most of the summer.

–About a year ago, I was at a conference in Chicago with 30 or 35 different colleagues from around the country. The speaker performed a little exercise that blew my mind, guaranteeing that two of us in the room shared a birthday. She was correct. Turns out, according to probability, if 23 people are in a room, it’s 50/50 two of them have the same birthday, and 99% probability is reached with just 57 people. I’m still amazed but, then, I’m easily impressed.

–Arrested Development fan? This is completely awesome.

–Many of you know what I do for a living. You may not know that I ran for elective office once upon a time (and won). I recently found my old television commercials for that race. If you are nice, I may post those ads one of these days.

–Because I am a huge dork, I love “This American Life” on NPR. Ira Glass has some good advice for people who want to be writers.

I’m a big fan of Twitter; on the other hand, I really despise Facebook. As such, I present to you some horrific and embarrassing parenting on Facebook (probably NSFW, depending on how delicate you are).

–Does anyone use Google+? I thought that was gonna be a good platform. I was wrong, methinks.

–The NBA playoffs have started, so I thought you might like to see this photo of the Miami Heat’s big three as children. Heh.

That’s enough for today. As always, use this as an open thread to discuss anything you’d like. Enjoy the off-day; the stupid Cubbies will be here before you know it.