That was the sound of Aroldis Chapman’s $30 million contract landing back in the Reds bullpen. Chapman returns to his Baker-dream role of sometimes pitching the eighth inning for the Reds. John Fay reports the news:

Left-hander Arolidis Chapman goes to the bullpen for now.

“He’s a starter,” Baker said. “He got a chance to be very good starter. But Billy Bray isn’t ready to be late-inning lefty right now. Chapman knew it, with (Nick) Masset and (Ryan) Madson being out.”

If this truly is temporary, pending Masset and Bray rounding into form, it’s not an utter disaster. The Reds do have six starting pitchers for five rotation spots.

Also, Paul Janish lost the competition to be the back-up shortstop. Say hello to Wilson Valdez, the new guy who goes for two weeks without an AB.

“It was a very hard decision,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “Paul’s part of the family. He still is.”