I was listening to the broadcast yesterday (and suffering through Jeff Brantley’s torturous schtick) when Mat Latos threw a pitch and came up lame. My heart started beating again at some point after that. Now, it appears that Latos is going to be fine:

Latos strained his left calf, but isn’t worried it’s serious.

“I’m alive,” he said. “I’m fine. I’m not one to talk about it. I’m fine. They looked at it. They iced it. This is just a precaution.”

Latos expects to make his next start, probably on Sunday, the day before the Reds break camp.

Latos was two outs into the inning when he landed funny after throwing a pitch. “It felt like I landed on mud, then slipped.”

Good news. After the Madson injury, I don’t think my weak heart could stand a long-term injury to Latos.