Spring is coming. Pitchers and catchers report in couple of weeks. Soon, a new season will be upon us. That means it’s time for a new set of previews. Team previews will be going up all around the internet, but if you’re like me, you often find these aggravating because they showcase how little intimate knowledge many national writers have of small-market teams like the Reds. So I’ll be doing my own Reds preview.

And I’m going to take my time.

The plan is to go position-by-position and discuss what we can expect to see from that spot. I’ll write about all the major players and give a floor, a ceiling, and most likely outcome at each spot. In making my projections, I’m going to use every projection system I can find, as well as my own knowledge of the system. The Reds have been active this off-season, and so I’m going to start with the most settled positions in the event that something unpredictable happens. If something unpredictable does happen after I’ve covered a position, I’ll write an update addressing it.

I plan to do a couple of these posts every week and should get through them before the end of spring training, when I’ll give a wrap up and my prediction for how the Reds will do this season. Expect optimism. The Reds are better this year and I will tell you now that I see good things in our collective future as baseball fans.

Below, you’ll see the order in which I plan to write about each position, but no actual schedule. We expect to welcome the newest addition to the Nation here at Casa Linden sometime in the next month, so I expect you’ll all forgive a certain degree of uncertainty. If you don’t see a post for a week or so, just be patient I’ll be back.

Redleg Nation Position-by-Position Season Preview:

First Base
Second Base
Right Field
Center Field
Starting Pitching – Front End of the Rotation
Starting Pitching – Back End of the Rotation
Third Base
Left Field
Season Preview Wrap-Up