They’re “going all-in”, “trading away the farm”, and “emptying out their farm system”, but baseball scouts and analysts are still finding good Reds minor league prospects to compile various top prospect lists.

The latest list I saw earlier this week came from Baseball Prospectus. They characterize the Reds system “in 20 words or less: Considering the trades made for a 2012 run at the National Leaugue Central, there is still some strength in the system.”

Five-Star Prospects
1. Billy Hamilton, SS
2. Devin Mesoraco, C
Three-Star Prospects
3. Zack Cozart, SS
4. Robert Stephenson, RHP
5. Daniel Corcino, RHP
6. J.C. Sulbaran, RHP
7. Didi Gregorius, SS
8. Todd Frazier, UT
9. Neftali Soto, 1B
10. Henry Rodriguez, 2B
Two-Star Prospects
11. Yorman Rodriguez, OF

This is the first list I have seen that places Hamilton ahead of Mesoraco. Hamilton is listed as the second best prospect on most top prospect lists I’ve seen. Both players are the best prospects in the Reds organization heading into 2012. BP goes on to give the next 9 names on their depth chart, including Redleg Nation Spotlight Player, Tucker Barnhart at 18th.

Henry Rodriguez hasn’t universally cracked top 10 lists this offseason, but he has posted some solid minor league numbers during his professional career, especially for an infielder. His .308/.358/.445 slash line in 1821 plate appearances make him one of the better offensive infield prospects in the Reds upper minors. Rodriguez split his 2011 season between Bakersfield and Carolina last year at just 21 years old.

Baseball America confirms that the prospect talent level still exists in the Reds organization. In Jim Callis’s “Ask BA” article this week, Jim gives three of his twelve “2012 all-rookie team” spots to Reds players. Devin Mesoraco, Zack Cozart, and Todd Frazier (at 3rd base).