Paul Daugherty wrote a very nice piece in today’s Enquirer.

The Washington Post talks about how Barry, along with Cal Ripken, transformed the shortstop position.

Detroit Free Press talks about how Barry’s path took him through Ann Arbor.

The NY Times talks about the Michigan connection also, along with Barry’s brother Mike (Notre Dame LB).

The Atlanta Journal Constitution article has some really nice comments from Bobby Cox and John Smoltz.

Forbes does a nice piece, covering some interesting statistical aspects of Barry’s career that aren’t covered elsewhere.

CBSSports talks about the non-statistical aspect of how Barry helped his team win.

These stories go on and on and on…

Barry is the first native-born Cincinnati Red to be inducted into the HOF and as a Cincinnati native, I couldn’t be prouder.

He’s a wonderful representative of the city of Cincinnati and the Cincinnati Reds.