That’s the rumor. Keep in mind, the rumor was initially tweeted by SI’s Jon Heyman, and he’s a complete numbskull.

If this is true, however, it’s excellent news. He’s good.

More details, as they emerge….

UPDATE: A few more details (not really) over at CBS Sports.

UPDATE 2: Now Heyman is saying it’s a one-year deal. Again, it’s Heyman, so I’m waiting for confirmation from a reputable source, but IF the Reds have signed Madson, and IF it’s a one-year deal…this is a very good move.

Sean Marshall and Madson make the bullpen much, much better in 2012…plus, it’s a virtual lock that the Reds will keep Aroldis Chapman on the track to be a starting pitcher. Lots of good news here.

UPDATE 3: Sounds like it’s a one-year deal, in excess of $10 million. I’m going to bed happy tonight. The Reds are serious about winning now.

UPDATE 4: Okay, looks like this thing is a done deal, but we won’t be getting any actual confirmation from the organization until tomorrow. Good night, all.

UPDATE 5: One last update, after all. It is confirmed. Sleep well, my friends. We have a new closer.