Who knows? What’s evident is that the Reds are still in the running:

There could be some movement, one way or another, in the next few days on free agent closer Francisco Cordero. The Reds are still in the running.

“We’re still talking with [Cincinnati] and a couple of other clubs,” Cordero’s agent, Bean Stringfellow, said on Tuesday. “We’re making progress on a lot of fronts. Multi-year contracts are definitely involved.

“The Reds are involved and are still interested in bringing him back. I am talking with them on a regular basis.”

Key words above: Multi-year contracts are definitely involved.

If the Reds sign CoCo to a multi-year deal, I can’t see any scenario where they won’t regret that decision.

I like Cordero, and I don’t have any objection at all to him returning to Cincinnati…at the right price. Dumb contracts given to Bronson Arroyo and Scott Rolen have already caused budget problems; why add to the mess?

I’m afraid that this isn’t going to end well. Hopefully, my suspicions will prove to be wrong. In Walt We Trust (?).