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John Fay finishes up the year with a few bits of interesting information.

Francisco Cordero’s agent was among those Jocketty spoke to this week. “We’ve made an offer,” he said. “He’s deciding what to do. He’s got a couple of other offers.”

Fay also said the Reds offer was only for one year (Fay guesses for $7M, and he thinks the Reds made a 2 year offer earlier and he thought it was for $7M per) and that Cordero has other offers.

I’m very happy to see that Cordero’s offer is only for one year, I would have bet it was a 2 year offer. Depending on the money, I can live with Cordero for one year. He’s not my first choice to close, but he’s something that I can live with that the Reds will consider.

The Reds haven’t talked to Brandon Phillips’ agents since the winter meetings. “We decided to table in till January,” Jocketty said.

Fay still thinks a deal gets done. I’m not so sure at this point as the team seems to be all in for 2012 and may not want to make any big commitments for past that year that they haven’t up to this point. But most people believe (including Fay) that the Reds get some deal done with Phillips.

I’d do a two, maybe even a 3 year deal for reasonable money….but if it’s a 4 year deal, no matter what the money is, I won’t like it. It’ll likely end up being a Rolen/Arroyo type deal…and these deals are KILLING this team right now.

The Reds have had conversations with Ryan Theriot’s representatives. But nothing is close. “We’re trying to get a hitter first,” Jocketty said.

The hitter would have to be an outfielder. The pickings are beyond slim. Of the 20 unsigned outfielders on espn.com’s list of free agents, the highest rated is Coco Crisp. He’s rated 26th. He hit .264/.314/.379 last year. He did lead the American League with 49 steals.

But getting a speed guy with low on-base hasn’t worked on to well for the Reds. (See: Corey Patterson and Willy Taveras).

I don’t want Theriot at all and nor do I want Coco “Taverson” Crisp. Does anyone think either of these guys improve this team in 2012?