The Reds have signed an ex-Moeller star, RHP Andrew Brackman. Brackman is 26 years old, 6’10”, and a former first round draft pick of the New York Yankees. But…

…there are reports that Brackman was signed to a major league deal.

I like Brackman quite a bit, actually. He’s a good low-risk, high-reward signing, and it’s exactly the type of move that the Reds need to make. Yet he’s only thrown 2.1 major league innings. I see no reason whatsoever that the Reds should have offered a major league deal.

Oh well. The Reds know more than I do.

Let’s move from the on-ramp to the exit ramp: Dontrelle Willis signed with the Phillies today. The Nation wishes you the best of luck, Dontrelle. I can’t say I’m sorry to see Willis go; he wasn’t particularly good (on the mound) for the Redlegs.

On the other hand, he seems like a spectacularly good dude, and you always like to have those guys around. Just to make you feel good, or something. I guess.