From a Q & A session he did in Pensacola, where he was touring the new facilities:

Q: How did you feel coming out of winter meetings?

A: For us, it was very frustrating. We tried to do a lot of different things. We still have a lot of things pending. We spent a lot of time and effort trying to get some deals done. We’re looking mainly for pitching, so I think we made enough progress that we may be able to do some things in the next few weeks, next few days.

Q: Do you feel pretty good about something happening in the next few weeks?

A: There are two deals we can do right now, but it would probably take a lot of our top prospects and I’m always a little nervous about doing that. So I’ll spend a little more time analyzing that.

Does anyone NOT feel that they have to make a big deal or two to be competitive next year? I’m not saying make ANY deal, but don’t be afraid to make a deal.