I saw that our friend C. Trent tweeted a link to this article; it’s worth publishing here. It’s yet another example of why the Nation should love Joey Votto (and hope that we can keep him in a Cincinnati uniform after the 2013 season):

Smyth opened the large package to find a replica of Joey Votto’s 2010 National League most valuable player award, shipped from Cincinnati by his former player.

When it comes to remembering those who helped him along the way, Votto has never forgotten former coaches — especially Smyth, his Etobicoke Indians coach. The Cincinnati Reds first baseman is as appreciative as Roy Halladay (towards former coach Bus Campbell) or Pat Hentgen (to scout Don Welke).

He has not forgotten his roots — even if Smyth has moved west.

“I thought it would be a good way for Bobby to understand how much of an impact he has had on my career,” said Votto from Cincinnati where he is attending Reds Fest.

Previously, Votto shipped the framed jersey from his debut game in the majors for the Reds in 2007, as well as the Team Canada jersey he wore at the Rogers Centre in 2009. This past summer, he flew Smyth to Toronto and paid his entry so he could participate in a Father’s Day golf tournament with Hall of Famers Ozzie Smith, Andre Dawson, Jim Rice, Phil Niekro and Goose Gossage at Cooperstown, N.Y.

He’s a good guy, and an outstanding player. Enjoy watching him for the next two seasons, Reds fans.