Baseball America released their top ten list of Reds prospects today. Here they are:

1. Devin Mesoraco, c
2. Billy Hamilton, ss
3. Yonder Alonso, 1b/of
4. Yasmani Grandal, c
5. Zack Cozart, ss
6. Daniel Corcino, rhp
7. Robert Stephenson, rhp
8. DiDi Gregorius, ss
9. Todd Frazier, 3b/1b/of
10. Brad Boxberger, rhp

It’s an interesting list. I agree with most of it, but I’ll admit I’m not as up on the Reds’ minor league system as I should be right now. Still, at a glance, I think Hamilton is too high (he’s fast, but hasn’t shown much of a bat yet). I’m also not sure I’d keep Frazier on the list at this point. The Reds, frankly, don’t seem high on him at all and he’s getting old for a prospect. Beyond that, I don’t have a ton of issues with the list.

What do you all think?

7 Responses

  1. al

    i think it’s pretty outrageous to rank billy hamilton, a guy with a .700 OPS and 39 errors (!) at low A ball, above alonso, who looks like a polished above average major league 1b.

    do i think billy hamilton can be successful in the big leagues? sure, he CAN, but will he? that’s still a pretty big question. he certainly seems like a unique talent though.

    as for omissions, i’m a little surprised that neftali soto isn’t on there. he’s got massive power, and hit well at AA and a few games at AAA at 22. seems like a guy that could put up jay bruce type numbers in the bigs in 2-3 years, though at a less premium defensive position.

    overall, if i did a list like this, i think i would weight closeness to the majors more than BA does. Corcino seems good, but he put up a 3.50 ERA at low A. that’s a long way from anchoring a staff in the bigs. Boxy looks like he could be a setup man for the Reds next year. That seems more valuable to me.

  2. Tom Diesman

    I think you underestimate Frazier. Think Brandon Phillip’s bat that you can plug in at 5 positions without worry.

  3. rightsaidred

    Not enough pitchers on our list. Moves will need to be made.

  4. Bill Lack

    I think Hamilton should be on the list, but 2 is way too high. He went from horrible to pretty darn good (offensively) over the course of his first full season. I don’t see him as a SS in the bigs, so while I harped on the errors in my DOTF reports, I’m not as concerned about them.

    I think Grandal’s too high and that’s based on his defensive shortcomings.

    Boxberger seems too low and I don’t understand the love for Gregorious.

    I like Frazier, but I agree, the Reds don’t seem to put much value in him. I think (right or wrong) that you’ll see Francisco at 3B when Rolen’s on the DL.

  5. RiverCity Redleg

    @Bill Lack: What’s not to love about Gregorius? He’s a better hitter and better fielder than Hamilton. And based on a couple of quotes I’ve seen from teammates, he’s highly respected and a leader in the clubhouse.

  6. Bill Lack

    @RiverCity Redleg:

    He’s also a year older and Hamilton just completed his first full season. I don’t think that’s apples to apples. I don’t see Hamilton as a SS(maybe a CF)and his hitting improved dramatically as the season went along. I’m not sold on Hamilton either, but based on what I saw of them both at Dayton, I’ll take Hamilton.