Some of you have referenced the piece in the comments already, but over at the Enquirer, John Fay decided to play GM. The moves he suggests basically boil down to this:

1. Thank CoCo Cordero and tell him you won’t be making any more offers.
2. Sign Josh Willingham to play LF.
3. Package Yonder Alonso to get some reliable starting pitching.
4. Make Brad Boxberger the closer.

I don’t have any problems with any of those, but #4 is simply unrealistic. No major league team is going to install a rookie at closer, right out of the box.

Also, I just had to point out this paragraph:

As for Yonder Alonso, I’d try to package him to get a reliable starting pitcher. Sports Illustrated proposed trading Alonso and Edinson Volquez to Tampa Bay for James Shields. If the Rays would do that, I’d go for it. But my guess is they wouldn’t.

If the Rays were willing to do that, someone (namely, Walt Jocketty) should be fired immediately for not pulling the trigger. There is, however, no chance in the world that Tampa would make that trade. It’s just an absurd suggestion.

I may not have 100% confidence in Walt Jocketty as GM, but he’s certainly smart enough to make that trade if it were available.

Back to reality: the Fayman is right that Alonso* needs to be part of a package to acquire a pitcher. With Alonso’s performance last season, you’d think his value on the trade market would be high. Now’s the time to get some value for one of Cincinnati’s top assets.

*Apropos of nothing, I love how the Reds have Alonso listed as an outfielder on their 40-man roster.

Honestly, I haven’t really given too much thought to the moves the Reds need to make to improve for 2012. Frankly, the 2011 season wore me down and I haven’t been able to muster up the energy to focus on 2012 yet. This article has me thinking, though. I’m going to have to mull it over and make some recommendations.

I’m sure Walt Jocketty will be waiting anxiously for my forthcoming post on the subject.