Our friend Chris Jaffe over at The Hardball Times does these “day-versaries,” as he calls them. Today’s piece features a historical bit of interest to the Nation. Today is 15,000 days since Game One of the 1970 World Series, which featured maybe the most fouled up play in World Series history. It came when Bernie Carbo tried to score on a play at the plate for Cincy but missed the plate when he slid; the catcher tried to get him out but tagged him with the hand that didn’t have the ball, and the umpire made the call despite being turned around and facing the wrong way at the time. Oops all around.

After that is a list of other events having their anniversaries today, including the Reds trading Ken Griffey Sr. away, and star 1880s pitcher Tony Mullane signing with the Reds in violation of his St. Louis contract. Good stuff.