Some more congratulations are in order for a certain Mr. Phillips:

From The Enquirer:

Brandon Phillips added two nice lines to his resume just as he and the Reds are negotiating a contract extension. He won his first Silver Slugger award tonight after winning his third Gold Glove in four years yesterday.

“Yeah, I’ve got some leverage,” Phillips said. “Whatever happens, happens. I’m just happy I’ve had the success. This was a very blessed year.”

The comment about leverage is unsurprising given what we’ve heard from Phillips. He isn’t going to come cheap. Certainly, he had a fantastic year. There’s no doubt, really, that he was the best second baseman in the NL and a bargain at $12M. While one can  understand his desire to have a substantial raise, whether or not the Reds should pay him extra for what he’s already done is another matter entirely. Phillips has become a very important cog on the Reds both in terms of performance and personality. It’s going to be interesting to watch the contract negotiations.