From the Cincinnati Enquirer:

The question for the Reds this offseason is how to compete next year with an $85 million payroll.

Toward that end, they must 1.) Play the odds, and 2.) Make sure the entire organization is on board with the plan.

An $85 million payroll is enough to compete, but you’ve got to spend it smartly.

Erardi makes the points (sometimes by inference) a number of us have been saying for almost the entire second half of the season …..

– There is a disconnect in philosophy/planning between the front office and the field staff. Walt either needs to get Dusty on board or get rid of him. What happened this year cannot continue into next year.
– You cannot pay players on the back end of their careers for what they HAVE done, you must pay them for what they WILL do. If they want to play here, they have to adjust their expectations to this team’s financial situation.
– There is no one on this roster that should be above being considered to be moved for the right deal.
– Smart teams that aren’t afraid of making tough decisions can compete, but they can’t afford to make expensive mistakes.

Read the article, it’s worth your time.