I received an interesting email recently from a Loyal Citizen of the Nation. Oftentimes, these gestures go unnoticed, so I wanted to give some kudos to the Reds organization, and particularly a couple of individuals:


My son, Zach, is 9 years old and just had surgery to help him keep from walking on his toes. He had just returned back to school this week after missing last week when the Athletic Director at the school noticed Zach’s casts on his legs and the crutches he was walking with. After I talked to the AD about what had happened, the AD surprised us by contacting the Reds office and somehow was able to get through to Dusty Baker’s office where he left a message and told him about Zach. In the message he asked Dusty if he could call my son to help lift his spirits and if possible maybe his favorite player, Joey Votto, could call as well.

On the way home from school yesterday, my phone rang and it was Dusty on the line. He talked to Zach for a couple minutes told him that God would take care of him and really encouraged him. That was exciting but the best was yet to come! After we got home, the phone rang again and it was Votto calling to encourage my son! What a day he had!

I really wanted to share this with you because I love to see athletes do something positive. Like every other Reds fan we have our complaints and criticisms so it is good to consider the good things that the team does. I really appreciate the Reds organization for what happened yesterday. They made the day really special for a 9 year old boy and made me realize that even if it has been a down season, there are some things that are more important.

Great story…