Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

Milwaukee 10
Cincinnati 1

W: Y. Gallardo (17-10)
L: E. Volquez (5-6)

–None. The Reds got two measly hits, one of which was a Yonder Alonso homer.

–Edinson Volquez gave up five runs on six hits and three walks in 6.2 innings. Looked like the same old Edinson to me.

–Carlos Fisher had a bad game, which makes me sad. He’s become one of my favorite players.

–As it turns out, the Brewers are better than the Reds. Good luck in the playoffs, Milwaukee.

–Yonder Alonso is good: .364/.437/.610. The future of Alonso is probably the most interesting storyline we’ll have in the offseason.

–Tonight was the Reds “Tweetup” game. Always a fun time, but last year’s Tweetup game was better (it was the game in which Cincinnati clinched the division championship).

His name is Milton, but I've petitioned the Court for a name change to "Arroyo."