In a blurb today in Fay’s column, Dusty is asked about Frazier starting at SS:

Todd Frazier came up as a shortstop, but Baker is using him only in emergency situations. He won’t be starting any games. “No, because he hasn’t played there since ‘A’ ball,” Baker said. “We’re experimenting enough here. If that was the case, he’d have played short a long time ago.”

Didn’t he just start a player at 3B that hasn’t played there since high school?

Now, I agree SS is a more difficult and active position, but his rationale makes absolutely no sense. So, we’ll go into 2012 hoping that what we saw from Cozart is good enough, rather than possibly experimenting in these meaningless games to see if Frazier might be a fit?

And yet, if called on it, Baker would get all snarky…

I’ve given up trying to understand that man’s logic.