At least one person in the media (hopefully not the Reds themselves) have started beating the drum for Brandon Phillips to be the Reds leadoff hitter.

John Fay writes:

There’s a fairly sure-fire solution to the Reds’ seemingly endless quest for a leadoff hitter. It would cost only $12 million for 2012, and the guy is a pretty good defender to boot.

All the club has to do is exercise its option on Brandon Phillips and write his name at the top of the lineup card in permanent ink.

Yep, he’s been incredibly hot since moving into the leadoff spot…but he’s not a leadoff hitter. In ’08-’11, Brandon’s OBP in the #1 spot (315 AB) is .302. Drew Stubbs, who is everyone’s whipping boy in the leadoff spot, has a .327 OBP there (298 ABs).

Are you kidding me?

I hope this is just John Fay finding something to write about on an off day, not something the Reds would seriously consider as a solution to their leadoff problem.

What do you think?