This is the seventh season that we’ve been writing about the Reds here at Redleg Nation. Six of those seasons haven’t been a lot of fun, including this one.

Once again, we are approaching September, and the Reds really aren’t playing for much more than pride. I still watch almost every game, but I’m not sure whether that’s out of a sense of duty or just because I’m insane. I still like watching the ol’ Redlegs, even when they are as frustrating as they’ve been this year.

Last year…that was fun. This year…not so much. Next year…I’m hopeful.

And that’s the difference between this frustrating edition of the Reds and the first five that we covered here at RN. I still feel good about the Reds chances over the next few years. There is some real talent here, and I’m trying not to forget that.

So there’s the silver lining to this season. The Reds are still in good shape. I think. I hope.