Loyal Citizen and frequent commenter Travis G. made a comment recently that, as they say, hit the nail on the head:

The worst part about this season is that the glaring weaknesses were so obvious heading into the offseason, and not enough was done about them. We knew we needed a backup SS capable of starting, and they signed Renteria. We knew we needed a LF capable of matching or bettering Gomes’ career year from last year, and they signed Fred Lewis. We knew Rolen was unlikely to play as many games as last year, and likely not as well, and they didn’t do anything at all to address that. We knew we needed an ace, and while Cueto has exceeded expectations, they didn’t stretch out Chapman as a starter in the minors and won’t have him ready to pitch even 100 innings next season.

You can’t cross your fingers and hope players will repeat career performances (and I’d even include Votto in this, simply because he was so damn good last season), even on a small-market budget. And when it’s clear the veterans aren’t cutting it, you’ve got to give the younger depth you’ve accumulated at AAA a chance. All of this is pretty damning to Jocketty and Baker, but I assure you that neither man is going anywhere. Hopefully they’ll address the same issues we had at the end of last season at the end of this season.

Indeed. (Although I don’t think it’s anywhere near a foregone conclusion that Dusty will be back next season. Quite the opposite, in fact, unless something drastic happens between now and October.)