From Fox Sports MLB Buzz:

Concerning the Reds/Yankees interest in Jimenez…

Sources close to the involved teams have indicated the Rockies have interest in a package of catcher Jesus Montero, and pitchers Manuel Banuelos and Dellin Betances from the Yankees, and catcher Devon Mesoraco, and pitchers Travis Wood and Homer Bailey. Word out of Cincinnati is the Reds proposed Aroldis Chapman and Edinson Volquez along with Mesoraco.

They cannot possible mean Mesoraco AND Wood AND Bailey…and the Reds can’t be seriously talking about Chapman AND Volquez AND Mesoraco.

I would not trade Mesoraco OR Chapman straight up for him.

You trade Wood and Bailey and your pitching depth is gone, so Jimenez better work out and be your #1.

Wood/Leake and Volquez, that I’d do; but they wouldn’t. Wood/Leake, Volquez, and maybe Grandal?

This whole thing just doesn’t sound right to me.