Just when you thought Yonder Alonso’s promotion to the bigs meant the Reds were not going to be players at the trading deadline, it just may be time to reassess.

Just when you thought Walt Jocketty, who always keeps his cards close, was going to stand pat, it looks like he might be deciding to go “all in.”

The Rockies, who once were thought to just be dangling their star pitcher in the hope that someone would be foolish enough to give away the store, are apparently serious about making a deal, one way or another.

As of 12:48pm this afternoon, Jayson Stark is reporting that several teams, the Yankees, Red Sox, Rangers, Tigers, Blue Jays and yes, even Jonny Gomes’ Nationals are in the hunt for Ubaldo Jimenz. 

But Stark mentions the Reds first and foremost, going on to report:

“But an official of one other club believes ‘the team [the Rockies] really want to do this deal with is Cincinnati, because they’ve got the young starting pitching to give back.  So I think that’s where this is going.’”

The word is out that Homer or Travis Wood, plus “the cream of the Reds prospect pool” are what the Rockies want.  However, it’s been reported by a source that Mr. 106 (Aroldis Chapman) and Devin Mesoraco are still off limits.

Just when you thought the Reds season was fading away…

…they pull you back in.

Somebody get Walt a tuxedo and a vodka martini straight up, shaken, not stirred.  The “river” card has been turned.  He might just be ready to rake in a winning hand.