Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 1
St. Louis 8

W: J. Garcia (8-3)
L: E. Volquez (5-4


–Simply a pathetic performance again tonight. One run and ten hits in two games of this series so far.

Your friend Milton will help you forget about baseball.

–What happened to the defensive brilliance of Paul Janish? He made his ninth error of the year, and it was costly. If you are going to bat .229/.261/.273, you’d better be the best fielder in the history of the universe.

I hate to say this, because I’m a big fan of the guy…but Janish has to go. Period.

–Typical Edinson Volquez performance. Five and a third innings pitched, six runs allowed on seven hits and two walks. More first inning woes. Awful. Just awful.

–Miguel Cairo struck out pinch-hitting for the MVP Joey Votto in the eighth inning. Make of that what you will.

–Drew Stubbs was 0-4 with four strikeouts tonight. He’s in some kind of slump right now. (As is Jay Bruce, who went 0-4, as well.)

–Can you tell I’m frustrated with this team right now? After losing four out of five, the Reds are now 43-44, and under .500 for the first time since May 3.

–Dusty Baker is now one game under .500 for his managerial Reds career. (Thanks to an alert reader for noticing that mistake.)

–Yes, we’re all frustrated, but imagine the way my younger brother feels. He drove to St. Louis with three friends for tonight’s game. He sent me several texts during the game:

They’re not even fun to watch. I want last year’s team, those guys enjoyed baseball.

Why did I pay money to see Renteria and Cairo pinch hit in the 8th? I’m absolutely furious.

I come to St. Louis, all my boys decked out in Reds gear, to watch that crap. I got up and walked out when they pinch hit for Votto.

I feel your pain, Nate.

–Aroldis Chapman actually looked really good again. Too bad this club is too shortsighted to have Chapman in the rotation where he belongs.

–I don’t rant about this team very much. For the most part, I’ve been relentlessly upbeat about the Reds. At some point, however, I have to acknowledge that it is a chore to watch Cincinnati play every night. They just aren’t fun to watch right now, which is in start contrast to last year’s team, who brought nothing but joy.

–You know things are going bad when Jeff Brantley ignored ice cream talk long enough to join Marty in moaning about the state of the club on the radio tonight.

–The season isn’t over, but if the Reds don’t right the ship soon, prospects for this team could go south in a hurry.

–Feel free to use this thread to rant to your heart’s content.